Casual Skiers Matter

Casual skiers keep your local mountain open.
Now that I’ve tallied up a couple educational posts, I want to sit down and have a beer with you guys.
Let me start like this: Hey you, you matter. You, the girl or guy there at the resort, having chili and hot chocolate with the kids and dragging a bushel of rented skis around. And you, there just taking your first solo runs after a ski lesson. You’re the best!
Being the casual skier might not be as glorious as doing three-sixties and backflips under the lift, but the parent, the adult professional who can only get a few days in a year, the middle aged person who decided to chance it on a pair of planks, matters to skiing. Why? Because they’re the ones paying all the ski resort’s bills.
A few years ago, I skied so many days on my season pass, that by the end of winter, I totaled out like eleven dollars a day or something like that. It was less than the hourly wage of the bartender. I had to buy two beers a day so they wouldn’t eighty-six me for being so worthless to them. Or maybe I didn’t, but them beers were tasty.
Anyway, in contrast, there’s a family that comes up maybe ten days a year, and throws in a few hundred bucks a day. Actually, there’s a whole bunch of families like this. There are people that rent their gear and start every season off with a ski lesson because they can’t quite get enough days every winter to keep their skills sharp over the summer. These are the casual skiers that I raise my glass to. Thanks for paying to keep the resort open while I max out my season pass!
That’s why I decided to sit down and bang out a few helpful words on the internet every week or so: to help the casual skier save a few bucks and get the most value out of the few days on the hill he or she has.
I’m actually a nerd in skiers clothing. So I like to geek out about the psychology of learning new skills (like skiing), overcoming intangibles like fear and embarrassment, and classic literature.
So have a read around, send it with some questions in the comments section or my inbox. I’ll be sure to get back to you in between beers.

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